Aussie live sheep export trade on the chopping block


* 1996: 67,000 sheep died on the Uniceb when it caught fire and sunk in the Indian Ocean, travelling from Fremantle to Jordan.

* 2003: the Government temporarily suspends shipments to Saudi Arabia after more than 5,500 sheep died on board the MV Cormo Express when the shipment was rejected from Saudi Arabia

* 2014: 4,000 sheep died on the Bader 3 when travelling from Adelaide and Fremantle to the Middle East.

* 2017: 2,400 sheep died of heat stress on the Awassi Express when travelling from Australia to the Middle East

* 2018: tougher regulations were introduced following the Awassi Express incident

* 2019 and 2022: Federal Labor commits to phasing out live sheep exports by sea as part of its election campaign

* 2021/22: more than 488,000 live sheep, worth around $85 million were exported from Australia

* That compares to 7,101,300 live sheep exported from Australia in 1988

* March 2022: Albanese government establishes independent panel to map out phase out of live sea exports by sea