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Aussie landlord’s ‘patronising’ advice on how to secure a rental sparks outrage

Despite being 'smashed' with enquiries, the landlord said they were shocked by how few people came to inspect the property.

A landlord’s “patronising” attempt to educate “desperate” Aussies on how to secure a rental home has brutally backfired.

The apartment owner said they recently privately advertised their two-bedroom unit in Perth on several websites and Facebook groups and was quickly “absolutely smashed with inquiries”.

“Y’all keep complaining about how hard it is to get a rental in Perth,” the person began their long online letter. “Here’s a perspective from the other side and what really happens when you try and rent out your place.”

The landlord's Reddit post inset on a stock image of a for lease sign.
The landlord said that despite the high interest, very few people came to inspect the rental property. Source: Reddit/Getty

After organising after hours inspections two nights in a row to give more people a chance to attend, the landlord said they received “well over 120 enquiries on the property”. Of those, they said “at least 20 or 30 were attached with ‘we’re absolutely desperate, please help us’ or ‘I’m living in my car’ stories”.

Landlord's 'mind blown' by response

“No worries. I’m a human. My heart bled and I was wondering how I could get more properties to help out all these people desperate for a rental,” their Reddit post continued, explaining that over the following two nights a total of eight groups of people “rocked up” — one of which wanted to bring a pet when it was stated none were allowed.

“Even though I lost count of the number of people told me they’re desperate, the amount that messaged me like ‘I’ll be there at 6’ and didn’t show was insane,” the landlord complained. “They even messaged two days later like ‘is it still available’. I kid you not. I’ve had 3 great applicants though so it will rent. But it blows my mind how little effort most people put in.”

Landlord lists 'how to get a rental'

The apartment owner then went on to tell locals that if they want to rent a home in WA, a “nice cover letter explaining things with references highlighted, a written reference attached to application, and all the ID documents ready to go … goes a long way”.

“Also clean up your FB page. A locked page is as suss as one full of middle finger signs and face tattoos,” they said, adding that “landlords want to hear” that a potential tenant has great references, the bond payment plus two weeks rent, is flexible on a move in date and wasn’t evicted from their previous place for negative reasons.

“I work in … or receive income of … I do not smoke (I smoke only outside is absurd — you bring the smell with you, trust me). If you don’t have pets, mention ‘I have no pets.”

A general view over the suburb of Morley looking towards the city of Perth.
Perth locals were quick to slam the landlord for their 'how to' letter. Source: AAP (AAPIMAGE)

Aussie renters fume over landlord's post

Aussies were quick to slam the lengthy lecture, especially given the housing and cost-of-living crisis, with hundreds of people commenting on the post within hours.

“Gee. Thanks so much for patronisingly telling us what we already know and have already heard a million times,” one of many irritated Reddit users said.

“It’s actually disgusting how dehumanising the whole experience has become,” another chimed in. “Wow, landlords have become basically our gods haven't they,” someone else commented.

Several others said they had fulfilled all of the suggested requirements and still struggled to find a new rental home for more than six months.

“Yeah mate … it’s almost as if stressed people make stupid decisions,” another landlord responded. “I’ve also had the same experience. My phone nearly overheated from the rush of replies when we had to find a new tenant for our rental. And out of about 80 messages we had 12 appointments booked and five people actually show up.

“Sometimes it’s just natural stupidity or addiction. But most of it is a cocktail mix of stress, fatigue, not knowing better, fear, and hopelessness. There’s a crisis right now and there’s no end in sight.”

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