'People are dying': Aussie label's designer face masks slammed for offering no protection

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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An Aussie fashion retailer normally know for selling gowns and jumpsuits has come under fire after turning its hand to designer face masks instead.

Natalie Rolt, an evening wear brand from Western Australia, shared photos of the handmade face masks on the brand’s Instagram page, however revealed the product was not medically graded.

Natalie Rolt face masks
Aussie label Natalie Rolt is selling $30 face masks. Photo: Instagram/Natalie Rolt

In the caption the brand explained it wanted to “contribute in some way” by freeing up medically graded masks for those on the front line.

“During such a helpless time as a small business, we are trying to put our skills to best use in producing a 100% cotton, reusable mask, assisting in reducing hand-to-face contact,” the caption read.

“We want to be transparent in declaring that our mask is not medically graded. We recognise that the product isn’t directly relieving those on the front line however in these times, our team want to contribute in some way.”

However people were quick to slam the label for seeming to profit from the coronavirus pandemic, especially as the masks offered no protection.

“This is not going to protect you whatsoever,” one person commented.

“And you’re not even donating the profit?” another outraged person questioned the brand.

Even fans of the label weren’t happy with the decision.

“I love your brand but this has to be said - I really feel ill about anyone trying to make a profit off this sh** show... people are legit dying and you’re selling $30 face masks to ‘help’. It just doesn’t sit right with me I’m sorry,” was one response.

The label has since turned off comments on its posts.

Amal Clooney's sister under fire for selling 'luxury' face masks

The outcry comes after Amal Clooney’s sister Tala Alamuddin also came under fire for her own version of a ‘luxury’ face mask.

Tala, who runs the online fashion retailer TALA, is selling face masks in different colours and patterns for $33USD face mask ($57) called ‘Le Masque’.

But people were not happy.

“You should be ashamed of yourself for selling these. Trying to profit of the coronavirus, that's literally killing thousands of people,” one angry person commented on the company’s Instagram account.

“Totally insensitive,” another wrote.

Tala did speak out against the criticism, also highlighting the fact that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Singapore Red Cross, as she lives in Singapore, to aid those affected by coronavirus.

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