Aussie farmers embrace agriculture tech ahead of UK, US

Australian farmers are much more focused on embracing technology than American and British producers.

Livestock software company Agriwebb surveyed nearly 800 producers across the three countries as part of a new report.

It found Australians were the most tech-positive, with 90 per cent of respondents saying technology was important or very important, versus 86 per cent in the US and UK.

The report also found Australian producers were well ahead of their US counterparts when it came to adopting digital data entry, although more than half still used pen and paper.

"We used to cite a stat a few years ago that said that 95 per cent of livestock producers were using pencil and paper to run their business," Agriwebb's John Fargher said, adding Australia had come a long way.

The report found supply chain disruptions and rising input costs remained the key concerns for farmers across all three countries.

It also examined participation in carbon markets.

"There's been a notable decrease in the prioritisation of carbon markets involvement and carbon sequestration across all regions," Mr Fargher said.

Almost half of Australian farmers surveyed hadn't embraced carbon farming because they were waiting to see how the market developed.

In the UK, 60 per cent of those surveyed said they were holding off until there was more certainty.

"There are not many great initiatives out there to actually help farmers. There's not a lot of funding to help farmers take that next step," Mr Fargher said.

"Farmers are looking for more information they're looking to be educated, they're looking for more options and they want to plan."

The federal government will soon deliver a national statement on agriculture and climate change.