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Aussie expat slammed over 'embarrassing' move in Bali: 'Don't do this’

It comes as Bali plans to crack down on badly behaved tourists.

An Australian expat living in Bali has been slammed as "entitled" over a video showing her arguing with police after being caught riding her scooter without a helmet.

The clip shows the woman on a scooter being stopped by police reportedly on a road in Canggu. As a police officer blocks her path and tries to get her to move off the road, the woman can be seen raising her hands and gesturing furiously as she tells him “it’s not my fault”, claiming her helmet was stolen.

“We have rules!” the policeman says.

“I’ve been here for 23 years!” she fires back in Indonesian, according to a translation by Coconuts Bali.

A woman sitting on a scooter argues with a policeman in Canggu, Bali.
The woman said it wasn't her fault she was driving without a helmet through the streets of Bali. Source: Twitter

When she gets off her scooter to argue with another officer, her vehicle is moved off the road.

Police confirmed the woman was an Australian citizen and said she had been fined – however the fine for riding without a helmet equates to just A$24.70.

The video left online viewers fuming.

“Australians, (and Russians), and those six-packed shirtless beach bums: Do not do this. It's so friggin' embarrassing,” one woman wrote.

“Bruhhh if you go to another country have decency to respect them,” another said.

Others called her “entitled” and said she should be “kicked out” of the country.

Bali to crack down on ‘Aussie bogan’ behaviour

The clip comes as authorities in Bali vow to put a stop to badly behaved tourists through a new campaign.

The plan was announced during the week by Balinese officials and will involve using billboards to build awareness among visitors and educate tourists on how to behave and dress in cultural settings – particularly around sacred and religious areas.

The billboards will have instructions and advice written in English, with campaigns in foreign languages likely to follow. The Bali Tourism Board said the campaign will help develop Bali into a country that is not considered a destination for tourists to do whatever they want.

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