Aussie diners fume at 'gross' dog act in Guzman y Gomez restaurant

Some said they were 'disgusted' while others admitted they wouldn't have thought twice about seeing a dog sitting where people eat. So what do you think

The Guzman y Gomez restaurant in Newtown (right) and a man and woman eating food while a white dog watches on the table (left).
A dog was spotted sitting on top of a table at a Guzman y Gomez restaurant in Sydney's inner west. Source: Google Maps/Reddit

Dogs are loved across the country, with almost half of Aussie households owning one of their own. And as the puppy craze continues, so too does the blurring of the line between whether dogs are seen as a pet or more as a family member, with one Sydney couple in question seemingly believing the latter.

Last week the couple tucked into their Guzman y Gomez meal in the inner west suburb of Newtown, and while they looked down at their dishes from their stools, their furry friend also looked down at them as the small dog sat perched up on the table.

One fellow diner was horrified, pointing out the dog was perched "on a counter where people eat" and snapped a picture for social media.

After the image began to circulate, many Aussies called out the "disgusting" behaviour but admitted they weren't surprised, as more and more dogs are being spotted in public spaces.

"Noticed a lot more people sneaking their small doggos into places," one person said, while another said they "personally wouldn’t give it a second thought" if they saw this. "Bit of a shame we’re so used to normalising sh***y behaviour," they continued.

However, others fumed at the sight, calling some dog owners "insane" and "gross".

"I love dogs, but what kind of an idiot puts their dog on a table where people eat!" one person wrote.

After Yahoo News reached out to the fast-food restaurant chain, a spokesperson confirmed only assistance dogs are allowed indoors at Guzman y Gomez restaurants and no live animals are permitted where food is handled.

"It's disappointing that a guest chose to do this, however the team at Guzman y Gomez followed our policies as soon as they were aware," the spokesperson said. "GYG's shift leader asked the guest to take the dog off the bench (and out of the restaurant) as soon as they saw this.

" It appears another guest took a photo prior to this occurring," they added.

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