Aussie couple shock sports-mad son after unknowingly befriending famous footballers

Two of Manchester United’s biggest stars left an Australian couple baffled after a chance encounter on a train in the UK.

Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic were playing card game Uno when the Aussie mum and dad, who don’t like football and had no idea who they were, started to become disgruntled by the noise.

The players respectfully approached the parents to apologise and ask if they would like a picture with them.

The Aussie dad gave the World Cup winner his phone thinking they would take a photo of him and his wife.

“The stranger looks weirdly at my Dad, and says (with a French accent) “No, no no, I am asking if you would like a photo with me, sir?”. My Dad looks at my Mum like who on earth does this guy think he is? But also my Dad is mega-polite, and obliges to be in the photo” explains the man’s son.

“My Dad sends through the photo, and asks “Nathan, you wouldn’t happen to know who this is?”

“IT’S PAUL BLOODY POGBA (and Nemanja Matic)!”

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