Aussie couple on helicopter which crashed in Fiji

Krystal Johnson

Treasure Island officials have confirmed an elderly Australian couple were among seven people onboard the helicopter that came crashing down into the Fiji resort.

The couple, who were not guests of the Treasure Island resort, escaped uninjured and they have continued their holiday in the South Pacific.

Video of the crash has emerged as holiday-makers watched in horror.

A witness identified as Yang Yang posted the video to Facebook showing the AS350 Eurocopter being hit by a strong gust of wind as it attempted to land on a Treasure Island helipad.

Miraculously seven people on board, including the pilot, survived the crash, Fiji Broadcasting Corp reported.

This is the terrifying moment a Eurocopter came crashing down on Treasure Island in Fiji. Photo: Bob Carroll
An Australian was dining just 50 metres away from the crash site. Photo: Bob Carroll

Australian, Bob Carroll was eating with his family just 50 metres away when they witnessed the chopper suddenly lifted up into the air, smashing into two trees and crashing down next to a pool.

He posted the photos on his Facebook ensuring people he was ok.

"A beautiful day trip to Treasure Island changed dramatically as an inbound helicopter attempting to land on the Treasure Island helipad only 50m from where we were dining caught a wind gust that sent it into a tree and then crashing into another tree right next to the pool," the post read.

"I can feel another Fiji Bitter coming on."

"Holy s***!! Bizarreo and freaky and scary but thank God all got out of the chopper and we are all OK."

It is believed the family on board the helicopter were from New Zealand and it is believed they are carrying on with their holiday as per normal. Photo: Bob Carroll

The New Zealand Herald reports that the family on the helicopter were a young New Zealand family and are continuing their holiday despite the crash.

Treasure Island general manager Robert Wade told the newspaper that staff members raced to help the passengers who had cuts and bruises.

"Our nurse tended to the passengers and the crew and made sure they were okay," Mr Wade said.

Authorities will be investigating the incident thoroughly and will provide reports at a later date.