Aussie cop's bizarre antics caught on camera

While the public's response was mostly positive, Victoria Police have concerns and are now 'addressing' the incident.

Wild footage has surfaced from New Year's Eve showing a Victoria Police officer jumping into a supermarket trolley before being pushed around a roundabout in front of cheering onlookers.

In the video, the woman wearing her police uniform is being pushed in a small trolley by a non-uniformed man, while three officers watch on in amusement – one of them filming the bizarre antics.

People are heard cheering as the officer is then wheeled onto the road and pushed around the roundabout in the town of Cowes on Philip Island. Passers-by are also seen smiling and doing double takes at the unusual sight.

Two stills of a Victoria Policewoman being pushed in a trolley on New Year's Eve around a roundabout on Phillip Island.
In a now-viral video, a Victoria Police officer was captured being pushed in a trolley on New Year's Eve around a roundabout on Phillip Island. Source: Instagram

Social media users react to footage

Posted by Brown Cardigan on their popular Instagram page, the video has attracted much attention.

"Nothing to see here, just some doughnut loving coppers," the page wrote as their caption.

The public's reaction was fairly mixed but mainly positive, calling the act "brilliant".

"The fun police," one person commented.

"This is how policing should be lol," said another.

"This is what cops should be like!!! This is how you build community," a third person said.

Victoria Police, however, hold concerns about road safety.

Victoria Police 'addressing' trolley situation

Victoria Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that they are "aware of a video circulating on social media of officers on New Year’s Eve in Cowes".

"Police have identified the officers involved and the matter is being addressed," they said in a statement.

"Victoria Police is supportive of members positively engaging with the community but not at the risk of their own safety or other road users."

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