Aussie comedian's disturbing find while house hunting - can you see what’s wrong?

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Anyone who has ever been on a house hunt will know that sometimes you come across some really strange things.

While looking for a new home on the weekend, one man discovered a disturbing detail in a house he was viewing that might just be a deal-breaker.

"House hunting — something strange about this place... I can't quite put my finger on it —,” Australian comedian, filmmaker and podcast host Dan Ilic posted on Twitter over the weekend.

Shot inside house living room with painting on wall and view over balcony to a mountain
Aussie comedian Dan Ilic walked into this house and discovered something quite off-putting. Source: Dan Ilic/Twitter

The post was accompanied by a photo of the dining area which features an unusual painting of retired Australian politician Christopher Pyne standing in an alleyway with a menacing expression his face, tattoos all over his body and a baseball bat in his right hand.

'Not loving the artwork'

"No wonder he had the nickname 'the fixer'," someone replied to the Aussie comedian's post.

"Chris is the prayer room doorman by the look of it," another person commented.

"Hmmm... not loving the artwork," joked a third.

Painting of Christopher Pyne holding a baseball bat
The painting of retired Australian politician Christopher Pyne was a finalist in the 2019 Bald Archy Prize. Source: Dan Ilic/Twitter

"That might be a CCTV still from Thurs night Interstate Club night for Chris and the friends he keeps separate from the wife. Just a thought," commented another.

The painting was in fact a finalist in the 2019 Bald Archy Prize, a humorous alternative to the renowned Archibald Prize portrait competition.

Haunted house

The jokes kept coming.

"It has a windowless basement doesn't it?" another Twitter user asked Ilic, to which he replied, "It does!"

"View looks spectacular. Great light. Suggest you get a priest to give it a once over before you move in. Or a forensics team," the man responded to Ilic's comment.

"Whatever the challenge was, ok you win!" another user told Ilic.

"My god that place looks incredible! Too bad it's cursed," someone else tweeted, while another replied, "Still better than a clown."

Yahoo News has reached out to Ilic to find out if he plans to purchase the home sans the painting.

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