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Audiences For "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" Movie Are Out Of Control, And People Have Mixed Feelings About It

The Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie is finally here!

taylor on the red carpet premiere
Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images

I'm not going to lie. I'm not a die-hard Taylor fan. At all.

Do I know the lyrics to every song? No.

Did I get a chance to see the concert live? No.

But will I watch Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie with all my besties and our friendship bracelets? 100% YES.

Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @midnightstrack2

On Wednesday, Taylor showed up to the Los Angeles premiere of her record-breaking concert film, and it looked like an absolute blast.

taylor at the premiere with her dancers
Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images

Before the movie began, Taylor told the fans, "I think you'll see that you're absolutely a main character in the film. Because it was your magic and your attention to detail and your sense of humor and the ways that you lean into what I'm doing…"

taylor in shock
Mike Coppola / Getty Images for MTV

And Taylor's right. Even though the film's only been out a couple of days, the behavior in the movie theaters proves that Taylor fans, aka Swifties, are in a league of their own.

Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety

Apparently, some theaters are encouraging fans to dance and sing along with the movie.

Twitter: @eliaspen18

And while some Swifties are super excited by this behavior, others are a little annoyed.

Twitter: @Swift1989AGAIN

Here's how people are reacting to Taylor fans going wild in the theaters:

Twitter: @Brittbabi

Twitter: @hannahsox12

Twitter: @cornxliastreet

Apparently, one fan was so excited they started squawking in the middle of the movie.

angry birds
Sony Pictures / Via

Another fan took an actual cardboard cutout of Travis Kelce into the theater.

closeup of travis in his football uniform
Cooper Neill / Getty Images

Even the other Taylor (Lautner) showed up and did backflips and stunts in the theater.

closeup of taylor lautner
Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

However, not everyone is a fan of this intense behavior:

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Twitter: @VictoriaCphotos

Twitter: @tadashiroll

Twitter: @keybrackson

What do you think about this behavior in the movie theater? Let's discuss in the comments.