Auburn home destroyed by fire

An Auburn street was evacuated and closed off today, due to a fears there would be an explosion after a family home was engulfed by flames.

Omar Sediqi, 18, was asleep in his bed, when his mother woke him up in a panic around 9.30am.

“My mum just came screaming. She told me the house was on fire," he told 7 News.

Omar then grabbed his mother and they fled through their burning home.

When firefighters arrived at the scene their highest priority was to cool down a nine kilogram gas cylinder.

The fire which destroyed the Auburn home is believed to have been caused by a gas heater. Source: 7 News.

"It was venting at the time, which means the gas was escaping the cylinder and it was on fire," Lidcombe fire fighter Gary Pridden said.

Police in consultation with the fire brigade, shut the street down and evacuated all the adjoining houses.

Eleven crews were able to douse the flames, but they weren’t able to save the Sedqis' home.

Investigators believe the blaze was caused by a gas heater.

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