Aubrey Plaza's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

maisy stella, aubrey plaza, my old ass
Aubrey Plaza's new movie debuts with 100% on RTShane Mahood / Courtesy Sundance Institute

Aubrey Plaza's new movie has debuted with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

My Old Ass stars Nashville's Maisy Stella as a queer teenager named Elliott, who is about to leave her family and go to university.

She takes some mushrooms and has an encounter with her future self — played by The White Lotus and Parks and Recreation star Plaza — but soon discovers that maybe the meeting was actually real.

maisy stella, aubrey plaza, my old ass
Shane Mahood / Courtesy Sundance Institute

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A heart-warming coming-of-age story, the film has received praise in reviews from its Sundance Film Festival premiere. It currently has a 100% positive rating from nine reviews, even if some critics found the film to be a little safe.

Here's what some of the reviews have said:

The Guardian - 4/5

"A shaggy and immensely likeable comedy, playing out as if it were based on a slightly cruder than usual YA novel.

"The actor turned film-maker Megan Park, acting as both writer and director, smartly makes Elliott’s last few weeks feel refreshingly low-stakes – she isn’t some hellish teen rampaging against her loving family, but just a slightly thoughtless one in need of only minor tweaks."

aubrey plaza at the sundance film festival
Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

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IndieWire - B minus

"[Director Megan] Park's care and consideration for the teenage experience continues to shine through in her sophomore film, which uses a winning, funny, crazy concept to explore the emotional landscape of a young woman discovering who she is and who she might be someday.

"While some of the film's more under-baked narrative elements might distract at times, Park and her cast still use them to build to an authentic, well-earned final act, one that should resonate with asses young and old."

Vanity Fair

"It's a clever setup for a movie, made even cleverer by Park’s keen sense of character and place.

"Stella was a regular on the show Nashville for a number of seasons, but vividly pops in this film like a breakout discovery."

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