Lawyer shares ‘unhinged’ email student sent after she wouldn't meet with him: 'So embarrassing'

A New York City attorney riled TikTok after sharing an email she received from an “unhinged” male undergrad student.

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After graduating from Harvard Law School in 2016, 30-year-old Cece Xie now works at a corporate law firm in New York. On the side, Xie shares advice and stories about her career for her TikTok and YouTube followers.

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Xie explained in a recent TikTok that a college student — who Xie referred to as “Benjamin,” although she blurred out his name in the email screenshots she shared — reached out to her at the end of November asking if she would speak to him about law school applications.

“I am currently enrolled at [redacted] for undergrad; I have plenty to say (ask rather), but I was wondering if you’d deign to share 10 minutes with me telephonically to discuss law school admissions (attempting to matriculate into Duke Law) and post-graduate opportunities?” Benjamin asked, according to Xie’s screenshot.

Benjamin also mentioned that he knew about Xie’s YouTube channel.

Xie’s screenshots proved she responded quickly to Benjamin’s request and politely told him she didn’t have time.

“I, unfortunately, don’t have time to have one-on-ones with everyone who reaches out to me, but please check out [my website] and my TikTok playlists for answers to some common questions I receive about law school and a legal career,” her email said.

Xie added that Benjamin could also submit specific questions through a portal on her website if none of her current videos answered them.

But Xie was stunned when Benjamin replied angrily to her suggestions.

“I have an extremely hard time believing your ‘following’ is that abundant. You have plenty of time for a 10-minute call,” Benjamin wrote. “It costs you nothing, makes you nothing. But it makes sense: You are still young and had to fight hard for the position(s) you occupy currently. You will become more charitable and altruistic as you age and gain material success.”

“Just remember, there is always time,” he continued. “Go tell Jeff Bezos (or even your senior partner for that matter) that you don’t have time. Lastly, 9/10 of the dolts hitting you up are just time-sucking tire-kickers that have no potential. Thanks for your microaggressive civility.”

Stunned, Xie said that she considered contacting Benjamin’s employer since he had sent the email from his professional work account, which had the company listed in his signature — but she didn’t.

Instead, she explained: “Law is a small world, and I’ve gotten questions from friends before, looking to hire my former colleagues or acquaintances. And if I’ve had a bad experience with someone, I’m gonna tell the truth. So, Benjamin, for your sake, I hope our paths never cross again.”

Commenters were stunned at how entitled Benjamin came across, just as in the emails.

“The level of entitlement is just insane,” one person wrote.

“I’m screaming. He must be insufferable,” another agreed.

“This was sooo embarrassing to read even his FIRST EMAIL,” someone pointed out.

Others mentioned how poorly written the initial email was — so much so that Xie posted a follow-up TikTok outlining how to actually write a networking email.

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