ATSB won't probe Qld aircraft collision

A mid-air collision that killed a glider and an ultralight aircraft pilot in southeast Queensland won't be probed by national crash investigators.

The men, aged 80 and 70, both died where their aircraft fell after colliding above Kybong, near Gympie, on Wednesday afternoon.

The police Forensic Crash Unit is probing the accident, but the Air Transport Safety Bureau has decided not to launch an investigation after examining the circumstances.

The federal agency says it doesn't have the remit to probe crashes involving most recreational, ultralight and sports aircraft, such as gliders.

ATSB chief commissioner Angus Mitchell says those kinds of crashes would only be investigated when resources permit and when a probe could highlight wider safety issues.

"Sport aviation bodies conduct their own investigations into accidents involving their members' aircraft," he said in a statement on Thursday.

"Where requested and as resourcing permits, the ATSB may assist sport and recreation aviation organisations' investigations through providing technical assistance, such as a metallurgical examination of aircraft components or data recovery.

"The ATSB empathises with the next of kin who have lost loved ones in this accident and are seeking answers as to how the accident occurred."

Gliding Australia will assist in investigations into the flight history and causal factors surrounding the accident.

"We are determined to understand the safety implications of this tragic accident, as our focus is on preventing a recurrence," GA president Steve Pegler said.

"It is far too soon for any speculation about causes. It is premature to draw any conclusions."

On Wednesday, police Inspector Brad Inskip said it was a "tragic accident" and emergency services were confronted with a graphic scene.

"It's a terrible scene, terrible incident, terrible for the family and obviously those involved," Insp Inskip told reporters.

"It's a small little regional gliding club, they all know each other, so this is going to hit the community very hard."