Athletics world championships rocked by scary incident as Noah Lyles makes statement

Noah Lyles and Andrew Hudson were left stunned at the bizarre incident.

A golf car collides with another at the athletics world championships and Andrew Hudson hurt.
A golf cart carrying 100m and 200m athletics champion Noah Lyles and Andrew Hudson collided with another cart, leaving Hudson (pictured right) clutching at his eye only moments before the semi-final. (Images: Twitter)

The athletics world championships was rocked after a golf cart carrying 100m and 200m champion Noah Lyles and rival Andrew Hudson collided with another vehicle only moments before the semi-final race. Lyles has proven he is the sprint king having stayed on course for a double gold in Budapest when he clocked 19.76 in the 200m semi-final.

However, there was bizarre drama before the race even took place when Hudson appeared to get glass in his eye when his golf cart collided with another before the semi-final. Aerial footage shows one golf cart coming down from an off-ramp, before colliding into a separate cart with Lyles and Hudson onboard.

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Lyles said he was fine, but attention immediately turned to Hudson who appeared to cop glass in his eye. "Thankfully, I have no issues. But unfortunately, Andrew Hudson did seem to get some glass in his eye," Lyle told broadcaster NBC.

"This was the hold up. Everybody was really worried about him. We just wanted to make sure he had his fair chance to run."

Noah Lyles speaks to Andrew Hudson.
Noah Lyles (pictured right) speaks to Andrew Hudson (pictured left) after the men's 200m semi-final following a bizarre golf cart collision before the race. (Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images)

Footage showed Hudson clutching at his eye immediately after the incident. The 200m sprinter lined-up for the race, but was clearly in pain from the bizarre drama. And the officials opted to move Hudson through to the final in lane one because of his disadvantage.

While Hudson appears fine and will race Friday, fans were left absolutely stunned at the pre-match incident. Many felt for Hudson after the race was delayed more than 20 minutes with sprinters not taking to the track on time.

Noah Lyles on track for double gold

Lyles appears unstoppable at the moment having taken the world championships by storm. The American already delivered 100m gold earlier in the week when he recorded a jaw-dropping 9.83 time in the final.

Lyles is a 200m specialist and struggled to qualify for the 100m nationals team before the championships due to Covid. However, Lyles has shown he will be the one to beat at next year's Olympics in Paris with a potential 100m and 200m crown to defend.

Noah Lyles reacts after winning the race.
Noah Lyles (pictured) celebrates after competing in the Men's 200m semi-final. (Photo by Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images)

"I am here for three golds. Ticked off one, others are coming," the confident sprinter said after the race. Lyles said the 100m was the event he knew he would fight for, but said the fun will start with the 200m event.

And it showed with Lyles clear favourite to win the 200m having slowed down at the 150m mark on Thursday to coast to the finish line. Lyles showed sportsmanship after the race to go and check on Hudson, who was clearly in pain on the ground after the sprint.

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