'We both ate some': Couple horrified after disgusting find in popcorn

What was supposed to be a romantic Saturday night date at the movies has ended in horror for a young Queensland couple who claim they found an unexpected ingredient in their popcorn.

Shaun Walsh and Caitlin Rose hadn’t planned on seeing a horror film but that didn’t stop them from jumping out of their seats midway through their session of Crazy Rich Asians.

“We were in there for an hour, the missus was eating the popcorn, she put it down on the seat next to her,” Mr Walsh told Yahoo7 News.

“Fifteen minutes later, she thought she heard something moving, she thought it was my hand – it wasn’t.”

“I put my torch on and there was this massive cockroach right there.”

Shaun Walsh said he looked down to find a bunch of cockroaches in his popcorn. Image: Supplied

Letting out a terrified shriek, Ms Rose jumped across her partner’s lap as the bright light revealed more than 10 roaches in and around the popcorn box.

The pair moved to the other end of the row and stuck out the rest of the movie before approaching the staff at the Birch Carroll and Coyle in Morayfield.

“They initially threw a couple of tickets at me. I didn’t feel that was sufficient,” Mr Walsh added.

“They have tried to sweep it under the carpet, as if to say ‘shut up, here’s four movie tickets’.”

After sharing images of his grim snack on social media, Mr Walsh said he was again contacted by Event Cinemas asking what sort of compensation he was after.

“If they give me a year’s worth of movie tickets, whatever, I won’t be going back there again,” he insisted.

They need to sort out their pest control, they weren’t small so they had obviously been there a while.

“We had both eaten some… my missus still feels sick at the thought of it. For $40 you don’t expect 10 cockroaches.

Shaun Walsh and Caitlin Rose come to the cinema to watch a comedy, but say they were in no mood food laughing after their unpleasant find. Image: Supplied

Mr Walsh said he believes the cockroaches had crawled down the curtain of the cinema and into the box.

A BCC spokeperson told Yahoo7 News he was surprised by the discovery given the cinema had just undergone its monthly pest control.

“We have regular and stringent pest control measures in place which have not recorded any evidence of pests at this site. We’ve also taken extra precaution and had additional fumigation experts attend the site again today,” the spokesperson said.

He also their fumigation experts believe the cockroaches “are not reflective of the climate or geography at this time”.

“We have received no feedback from any other customers relating to pests, either since the incident occurred or beforehand,” he added.

We have been in regular contact with the customer as we take this situation seriously, and can confirm as endorsed by our fumigation experts, there are no pest issues at this site.”