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'This little Chromebook is a powerhouse' — and it's on sale at Walmart for $179

Ever had a laptop just die on you? It’s no fun, and it can leave you stranded in the middle of important projects for both work and play. Plus, if you had a super pricy computer, it’ll cost you a pretty penny to get it fixed — or worse, replaced.

We have a great swap for you — a Chromebook. You can use Google Drive for all your notes and spreadsheets, access YouTube for videos, and of course, check your email and so much more. The Asus Chromebook—which is on sale for $179, or $91 off, at Walmart—is a great easy-to-use alternative to your now-busted expensive computer.

Featuring a 14-inch display with an HD resolution for clarity and sharpness, this Chromebook is a lightweight and compact laptop.
$188 at Walmart

Originally $270, this Google Chromebook from Asus—a Taiwan-based computer manufacturer that specializes in premium-yet-wallet-friendly desktops, monitors and laptops—features a lightweight and compact design with an impressive 14-inch display with an HD resolution for clarity and sharpness.

“The feature I absolutely love is the screen. It seems like it's just your average laptop screen but it's far from it,” wrote a five-star Walmart reviewer. “It honestly looks like a flat-screen TV when you open the Chromebook.”

Asus chromebook
This Asus Chromebook gives you the power of a laptop computer for under $200! (Photo: Walmart)

This Asus laptop also runs Google ChromeOS — not Windows 10 or MacOS. It’s a simple, easy-to-use system that only requires internet access and a Google account to get up and running. Instead of spending forever setting up the laptop with passwords and apps, just log in to your Gmail account via the Google Chrome browser and you’re ready to go.

Google imports all of your bookmarks, settings, extensions and web apps from your Gmail account and your Chrome browser from your previous laptop to populate this machine. It’s one of the reasons why Chromebooks make the best backup laptops — you can simply go from one machine to another without skipping a beat. Google auto-saves all your work and preferences as you go and protects each Chromebook with up-to-date anti-virus security, and all you have to do is sign into a Chromebook with your Gmail account to pick up where you left off with your last laptop.

"Great Chromebook indeed," said a shopper who gave the Asus a five-star rating. "This little Chromebook is a powerhouse! The screen and keyboard, are way bigger than I expected. The screen gives a very clear picture too. Talk about some clear speakers? Oh my goodness."

Another delighted shopper added, “Setup was so easy, I was surfing the internet less than 30 minutes after unpacking it. Learning the Chrome OS when I was more used to MAC OS and Windows was not a problem. Makes a perfect second computer for trips and using in the bedroom, which is all I need it for since my big desktop model stays put.”

At its heart, this Asus Chromebook is the ideal laptop for people who aren't working on a computer for eight hours a day. It can also make a great backup or travel laptop. With its affordable price, eight-hour battery life, ease of use and versatility, it's a deal that is hard to beat.

Featuring a 14-inch display with an HD resolution for clarity and sharpness, this Chromebook is a lightweight and compact laptop.
$188 at Walmart

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