Astroworld Festival goer calls out media for ‘underreporting deaths’: ‘Saw more than 8 people’

On Monday, Astroworld Festival goer Billy Nasser appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” where he shared his experience from the tragic mass-casualty event which took place during Travis Scott’s headlining performance.

“There were just too many people there,” Nasser said, “It was overcrowded. The way the barricades were set up had people trapped in. It was a death trap...I've never seen a dead person before. To see kids on the ground with their eyes rolling back in their head. And for the media to be underreporting deaths, it is frustrating.”

As of Monday, only eight deaths attributed to the crowd surge have been reported but Nasser claimed more people were trampled and suffocated to death.

“A lot of people that were there with me saw more than eight people,” Nasser said. “They actually reported 11 at one point and they keep changing the numbers. So it's really inaccurate.”

Even though Nasser is a huge fan who Travis Scott once posted a picture of on Instagram, the event was so traumatic that he can’t support the musician any longer.

“I wouldn't put the blame entirely on Travis,” Nasser said. “I think it's on the organizers of the festival, but Travis did see the ambulance in the crowd and kept going. And he saw the unconscious bodies being crowd-surfed and they kept going. I'm one of the biggest Travis supporters you can find and I can't support Travis anymore after this.”

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