Assange's partner cautious over court win

Isobel Frodsham
·1-min read

Julian Assange's partner Stella Moris has called a UK judge's decision to block a US extradition request a "victory" for him but that she and their sons cannot celebrate until he is back home.

"Today is a victory for Julian, today's victory is the first step towards justice in this case. We are pleased the court has recognised the seriousness and inhumanity of what he has endured and what he faces but let's not forget the indictment in the US has not been dropped," she told reporters outside the London court on Monday.

She called on US President Donald Trump to pardon Assange, urging him to "end this now".

"Mr president, tear down these prison walls. Let our little boys have their father. Free Julian, free the press, free us all," she added to rapturous applause and chants of "Free Julian Assange" from protesters.

Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, added: "It is a day with a win for Julian Assange but we have to be cautious, it's not necessarily a win for journalism.

"I am concerned that instantly upon giving her decision, the US lawyers indicated they would appeal but they should not.

"Let's be cautious in our victory celebration, as Stella said, the fight will not be over until Julian can go home and be with her and the boys."