We asked a stylist if the viral theory that certain hairstyles go with certain outfits is actually true

Have you ever put on an outfit that, in theory, should work, but for some reason it just doesn’t? Well, one TikTok creator is sharing her viral theory about why certain outfits look better with certain hairstyles.

Diamond Marie (@snoopdiamond), a Los Angeles fashion content creator, revealed the “science” behind a specific hair theory, and a ton of TikTok users can’t seem to get enough of it. She prefaces the video by disclaiming that she isn’t an expert — this is based strictly off vibes.

Marie’s first argument? That curly hair is better suited for sundresses because it’s “the epitome of summer.”

Fur coats, she adds, “just look better” when you have bangs.

“It’s just yin and yang. They fit together so perfectly,” she says of the combo. “You could have no bangs and an extensive fur coat collection and you’re still gorgeous. But just think how much cooler you would look with bangs while wearing a fur coat.”

For the girlies with bobs, Marie argues that pairing the hairstyle with a miniskirt is practically foolproof. Straight hair, however, goes perfectly with leather jackets, she says, given the fact that both are “sleek and shiny.” A tank top and jeans moment, Marie adds, “just makes sense” when paired together.

Marie believes, on the other hand, that “oddly enough,” curly hair pairs better with tube tops.

Alex Lamb, a personal stylist based in Vancouver, B.C., told In The Know by Yahoo that there is, in fact, truth to this theory.

“I totally think that different outfits look better with different hair styles — not necessarily with straight vs curly hair or bangs, etc. But more with wearing your hair up versus down,” she wrote via email. “Especially since not everyone can pull off curls or straight hair. I do believe that if you are confident in your outfit and your look, then you radiate a strong energy and it absolutely shows. Personally, I prefer to style strapless shirts and dresses by pulling the hair off your face so that it shows off your collarbones and shoulders in such a nice way.”

Ultimately, though, she says, a hairstyle doesn’t determine which outfits should or should not be worn.

“I will say that having your hair done and not disheveled definitely makes a difference in how an outfit looks. I’ll often have my clients take their hair out of a ponytail when trying on clothes or vice versa so we can fully see what the outfit looks like. I personally don’t think it matters what hairstyle you have, it’s more about how you confidently wear the outfit,” she added.

As of reporting, Marie’s video has more than 624,400 views, 138,000 likes and 21,100 saves. Some TikTok users have even taken to the video’s comment section to suggest additional hairstyle-and-outfit combinations, as well as why they believe this theory works as well as it does.

“Short straight hair with a turtleneck,” @ashleyslaystheday wrote.

“It’s bc the texture of the hair matches the texture of the look!! sleek bob = sleek mini skirt. effortless waves = flowy dresses,” @hoeptan suggested.

“You didn’t lie once,” @bitty114 also replied.

If you’re struggling to put an outfit together, Lamb suggests reaching for a piece you love and then building from there.

“You can start with your favorite pair of jeans and then add on simple clothing pieces that you are confident in so that you look put together and effortless,” she explained. “Sometimes a simple outfit is the best way to radiate confidence. Another piece of advice I love to follow is layer! Layer your look with either accessories or a jacket to give the outfit a bit of dimension so that the look doesn’t lay flat.”

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