'P**s off back to China': Racist attack on couple at doctor's clinic

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An Asian-Australian man and his pregnant partner say they copped a barrage of racial abuse while waiting at a medical surgery in Perth.

Jay Shin told News.com.au he and his partner, who didn’t want to be named, were in the waiting room at medical clinic when he overheard a woman say “go back to your own country”.

“She then went on a whole rampage of racial slurs. She said: ‘Go back to your own country’,” he told news.com.

An Asian Australian couple claim they were the target of racial abuse at a clinic in Perth
An Asian-Australian man and his pregnant partner (left) claim they were racially abused while waiting at a medical clinic in Perth. Source:TikTok/soxjuxbaby

When Mr Shin asked the woman if she was talking to him, he said she replied she was.

Mr Shin’s partner started filming as he confronted the woman.

“Don't tell me to go back to my own country,” Mr Shin can be heard saying as the video begins.

“Don't yell at me,” the woman replies.

“No, you just told me to get out of my own country and go back to where I came from. I was born here mate,” Mr Shin, a third generation Korean-Australian, tells the woman.

Woman heard saying: 'P**s off back to China'

A staff member approaches the woman and can be heard off camera asking the woman to leave the waiting room.

“Yeah, gladly,” the woman replies as she gets up to leave with the man sitting with her.

As she walks away the woman appears to mumble “p**s off back to China".

Mr Shin uploaded the video to TikTok on Tuesday and it has since been viewed over 220,000 times.

He told news.com.au he believed the woman was taking her aggression out on him after her partner wasn’t allowed into a room as she underwent a radiation procedure.

“These racial attacks, I wouldn't say they're very common. But it's still there, even if it's not a very common thing,” he said.

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