Art show shines light on housing strains

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Social housing resident Orlando Jones has been using an iPad app to create artworks of alternate galaxies.

The 22-year-old's efforts are part of the Housing First Art Exhibition launching on Wednesday, giving community housing residents the chance to show off their work.

"It's exciting and it's also validating, at least people are getting to see like all this hard work that I've put in," she told AAP.

The exhibition features about 40 artworks by 25 different residents, with money raised going directly to the artists.

Orlando and her mother Justine have lived in social housing in Melbourne for the past 16 years.

Justine Jones has been making art for the annual show since 2015, and in preparation for the 2022 edition she has been working 12-hour days for the past fortnight.

Her contribution includes ink drawings and ceramics as well as an acrylic painting called "Raising your Vibration".

She said as a single parent she was not sure what her living situation would be without social housing support.

The exhibition is a chance for residents to participate in the community and build their skills, according to Giovanna Savini from Housing First.

"It's wonderful to see these stories and connections emerge through the power of art," she said.

Housing First is a not-for-profit organisation that provides social and affordable housing to over 1800 people across Melbourne.

A report by Impact Economics and Policy for Everybody's Home released last week revealed the housing pressures facing Melbourne residents.

There is one house for every six jobs in Melbourne, while in Geelong and surrounding areas there is one house for every 10 jobs.

Meanwhile Domain's Quarterly Rent Report, released in July, showed rents hitting record highs across the country's combined capitals.

Recalibrate runs until September 25 at Gasworks Arts Park in Melbourne.