An arriving plane and a departing one tried to use the same runway, spurring an investigation, FAA says

The Federal Aviation Administration says it is investigating an incident in which a commercial flight aborted a landing as another plane apparently was taking off from the runway the first plane intended to use this week in upstate New York.

The immediate aftermath of Monday’s incident at New York’s Syracuse Hancock International Airport was captured on North Syracuse police dashboard camera video. The video shows the two airplanes appearing to pass close to each other in the sky; it’s not clear how close the planes were.

The incident happened around 11:50 a.m. when “an air traffic controller instructed PSA Airlines 5511 to go around at Syracuse Hancock International Airport to keep it separated from an aircraft that was departing on the same runway,” a FAA spokesperson said in a release.

Preliminary data from FlightRadar24 shows that the PSA flight, which was coming from Washington, and Endeavor Air 5421, which was heading to New York, were as close as 625 feet from each other vertically as their courses began to converge.

So far, the FAA has not classified the incident as a near collision.

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