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Armenia joins over 65 nations in Malta to chart course for ending war in Ukraine

Armenia is represented at the summit by Secretary of the Security Council Armen Hryhoryan
Armenia is represented at the summit by Secretary of the Security Council Armen Hryhoryan

Armenia has taken part for the first time in a meeting on the Ukrainian Peace Formula, which this time is being held in Malta, the Armenian service of Radio Liberty reported on Oct. 28.

The meeting at the level of foreign policy and national security advisors was attended by Armenian Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan.

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International support for the Ukrainian Peace Formula is growing, and more and more states are joining its implementation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s chief-of-staff Andriy Yermak noted. In particular, both Western countries and countries from the Global South are represented at this event.

"The large number of countries from the Global South involved in the meeting is a confirmation of this (growing support for the Peace Formula),” Yermak wrote on a post in Telegram.

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“This is indeed a demonstration that the world is interested in justice and Ukraine's victory," he said, adding that Russian claims about a loss of interest in Ukraine were not true.

The head of the President’s Office also provided details of the issues to be discussed in Malta, noting that this meeting is "about specifics."

The gathering will present and discuss "concrete plans" for the implementation of five points of the 10-point Peace Formula: nuclear safety, energy security, food security, humanitarian issues (release of prisoners and deportees), and the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity and world order.

These plans were developed by working groups that included representatives of the embassies and experts from different countries, Yermak said.

The goal is to hold a Global Peace Summit at the level of state leaders.

On Oct. 28 and 29, Malta hosts the third meeting on the Ukrainian Peace Formula at the level of advisors to the heads of state. Previous meetings were held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Ukraine also intends to organize a global summit on the Peace Formula.

What is the Ukrainian Peace Formula?

In November 2022, at the G20 summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented a 10-point peace formula, which includes, among other things, the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity, the withdrawal of Russian troops, the release of all prisoners, a tribunal for those responsible for aggression, and security guarantees for Ukraine.

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The ten points of the Ukrainian Peace Formula are as follows:

  1. Radiation and nuclear safety;

  2. Food security;

  3. Energy security;

  4. Release of all prisoners and deportees;

  5. Implementation of the UN Charter and restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity and world order;

  6. Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities;

  7. Justice, i.e., a tribunal for those responsible for the aggression and compensation for damages;

  8. Immediate protection of the environment;

  9. Security guarantees for Ukraine to prevent escalation;

  10. Confirmation of the end of the war.

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