Armed gangs kill villagers in Burkina Faso

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An attack by armed groups on a village in Burkina Faso left some 100 residents dead at the weekend, according to witness accounts the government says were still being assessed.

What exactly unfolded in the northern village of Seytenga in the early hours of Sunday was still unclear, a government spokesman said on Monday.

The West African nation's security forces had been sent to the area to investigate and ensure safety, he said.

The attack resulted in residents being displaced to a commune 47km away, he said.

The Sahel nation of Burkina Faso, with a population of 21 million, has been mired in a severe humanitarian crisis since 2019.

Jihadist groups, some of which have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State or al-Qaeda, are active there and in neighbouring Mali and Niger.

Protracted droughts and famines also plague the country, which is impoverished despite rich gold deposits. The military has ruled there since a coup in January.

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