Armagh council 'facing fortnight of bin strikes'

Full wheelie bins
Armagh-based waste collection workers will go on strike [Getty Images]

The Unite trade union has announced two weeks of strike action for Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough council waste collection workers.

The industrial action, to be taken by workers based at the council’s waste depot in Armagh, will begin on Wednesday 17 July, the union said.

Unite regional officer Brenda Stevenson claimed the work environment at the depot had become “hostile”.

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough council has been asked for comment.

“We’ve been trying to engage with management,” Ms Stevenson told BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra programme.

“Instead of working in a partnership approach with us there seems to be just a very hostile environment," she said.

“Unite is calling on local councillors to intervene and instruct management to reverse course and avoid the unnecessary disruption to waste collection services in the Armagh area that will result from this strike action,” she said, in a statement.

'Seeking support'

Ms Stevenson said there have been "initial discussions, which were quite positive last week - we would be hopeful that those could continue.”

Ms Stevenson said her appeal would be for the ABC senior management team to “start proactively engaging” with the union.

She added Unite members would be “seeking support” from other unions in the council.

It is understood Unite is the only union involved in the dispute.