Aussie influencers applauded for bloated bikini snap

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

They’re two of the most popular body confident influencers in Australia, and now Ariella Nyssa and Karina Irby have gained even more fans by teaming up for a bloated bikini photo. 

The duo appeared in a photo together on Ariella’s account, showing them both laughing in a pool in a shoot for the Insta-star’s new swimwear line on the online store, Beginning Boutique.

Ariella Nyssa and Karina Irby have gained even more fans after posting this bloated bikini photo. Photo: Instagram/Ariella Nyssa

“Wait you don’t think bloating is cute? NEWS FLASH: bloating is normal and just because I don’t have a six pack doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful,” Ariella started her caption. 

“Just because I don’t have a flat stomach all day everyday doesn’t mean I have to feel ‘embarrassed’ or ‘ashamed’ of my body. You bloat, I bloat, EVERYBODY BLOATS! Don’t you dare feel inferior for it.”

Many of Areilla’s 299,0000 followers were quick to applaud the pair for being real and let it be known in the comments section. 

“WOW love this! So nice to see bodies like mine on my feed along with all the other unique and stunning bodies of other shapes and sizes. Also, someone should write a children’s book called everybody bloats hahah,” one person wrote. 

Others commented saying they ‘love this’ and supported their ‘positive message’. 

Many fans were also huge fans of Ariella’s tie dye swimsuit and while we couldn’t find that exact one on the Beginning Boutique site, we discovered a similar one for $38 from ASOS.

Ariella is known for her body positive posts on Instagram and back in September, she wrote a caption about how we should all love our bodies as they are. 

“I wonder how much more we would love and appreciate our bodies if we spoke kindly to them. If we gave them words of affirmation and smiled gratefully at them. So often we speak to our bodies like they are our worst enemies. ‘You are fat’, ‘You are ugly’, ‘No one will like you’. These phrases and so many more, wash over us and make us feel ashamed of the skin we are in,” she wrote. 

“DONT LET THESE WORDS DEFINE YOU. DONT LET THEM WIN! Instead, remember that your marks, fat, flub, body is YOURS. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You define your beauty, and you are more beautiful then you can ever imagine.”

Likewise, Karina Irby, who has over one million Instagram followers, is often commended for how she speaks about her body on her page. 

Just three days ago, Karina’s belly appreciation post went viral on her account, where she asked her followers to change their mindset and “stop thinking that a thin, lean, smooth stomach is the ‘norm’, because it’s NOT”.

“It’s all about genetics, what you eat and moving your body,” she wrote.

“Look at @ariellanyssa and I. Two young, healthy and active girls and we both have adorable tummies!

“Just because we don’t have a lean 8 pack doesn’t mean we’re unhealthy or not loving our bodies.

“Your body is more than just looks. It’s your survival partner. Your best friend. Your guardian angel.

“Love it and appreciate all the hard work it does for you every single day! So with that being said, let’s do the belly dance.”

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