Ariana Madix Demands Tom Sandoval 'Show Your Work' Before She Pays Months of Bills She Doesn't 'Trust'

Madix said during the 'Vanderpump Rules After Show' that she stopped giving Sandoval checks after she found out she was overpaying him for their mortgage

Ariana Madix is driving a hard bargain with ex Tom Sandoval.

The Dancing with the Stars alum, 38, revealed on this week's Vanderpump Rules after show that she refuses to pay Sandoval, 41, for the mortgage on their house until he shows her a breakdown of where her money is going.

“When we were together, maybe I would have trusted that s--- to be accurate. But once all this s--- went down, it’s like, ‘I don’t trust a f---ing word you say,’” Madix said. “So if you are going to tell me that I owe you a certain amount of money, you better be able to show your work.”

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According to Madix, the couple used to pay home expenses from a joint account. But after they refinanced in 2021 (in part to fund his Schwartz & Sandy's bar), those payments came directly from his bank account. Though Madix was previously taking Sandoval on his word when he asked her for payments, she decided to stop giving him money after finding out that the paychecks she had been “giving him every month for the mortgage” were allegedly an “overpayment.”

“So until I get that breakdown, which I’ve asked now three different assistants for, you ain’t getting s--- from me because you can't show me what actually this is,” she explained in response to Sandoval's claim she "hasn't paid a bill" toward their home expenses in months.

She added of her ex: “And I don’t believe a word you say. You’ve proven yourself to be untrustworthy.”



The TomTom bar co-owner has said several times on the show and podcast appearances that Madix has not paid the bills he requested for "eight months."

On Tuesday's episode, he told his friend costar Tom Schwartz about the tension with Madix: “I have to pay for accounting to send every detailed receipt. It's like, 'This is the bank statement. This is what came out of my account from Spectrum, this came out of my...' — like, what do you think? I have a side deal with Spectrum or like with AT&T. Like, no, I don’t.”

He added, “It’s annoying. I feel like she’s just trying to be difficult, but whatever. I mean I don’t know what to do.”

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Robin L Marshall/Getty
Robin L Marshall/Getty

The first two episodes of VPR season 11 have shown the pair at odds while still living together following their abrupt split when Madix learned last March that Sandoval had been cheating for months with their former costar Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29.  

This week, Madix claimed he was engaging in “psychological warfare” so she would relent and let him buy her out of their shared home. However, Madix said she would only move out once the house was sold.

“Because I'm not here for him trying to assert his dominance, be louder, be more obnoxious, make me uncomfortable and then I cower and let him do whatever," she said.

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