Ariana Grande on fan bullying that made her "very sad"

ariana grande looking into the camera
Ariana Grande addressed fan bullying on TikTokNBC - Getty Images

To celebrate 10 years of her debut album, Yours Truly, Ariana Grande took to TikTok for a two-part live fan Q&A, where she chatted all things relating to the record. Amongst generic questions like 'how long did it take to you write?' and 'what did you learn while recording the album?' the 30-year-old also opened up about the consistent bullying she received which led to her changing the original cover art.

For some context, the OG image was meant to feature Ariana wearing a baby pink lingerie-style dress and thigh-high length stockings while sitting on a bed of pink roses. Which - as we know now - didn't end up making the cut back in 2013. Instead, the singer ended up going for something a little more subdued: a black and white photo featuring Ari with her eyes closed and face angled upwards, complete with 'Yours Truly' written in pink cursive.

While reflecting on the initial choice - and while holding up a copy of the first image - the Stuck With U singer said: "Well, it's horrible," before retracting her words.

"It’s not horrible. [But] you were right. You guys got very angry when you saw it," she said, before admitting she was "very sad about that" so she "changed it."

"But you’re not always right. Your bullying has been consistent for the past 10 years. So there’s that," she continued in a slightly sarcastic tone.

"You hated it, you were like, 'This is f***ing ugly, mom, change it.' So I did." Ari then added that while "sometimes that works," other times it "leaves [her] with wounds that make [her] question everything [she's] done since."

"Just kidding, bye," she quipped as she moved on to her next question.

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