Argentina president promises to cooperate in tax probe

Buenos Aires (AFP) - Argentina's President Mauricio Macri said Tuesday he was willing to cooperate with a court investigating his alleged links to offshore companies named in the Panama Papers tax evasion revelations.

A judge on Monday sent requests to Panama and the Bahamas on Monday for evidence of Macri's role in companies registered in those territories, a judicial source said.

The conservative president, 57, was one of the most senior figures implicated in the worldwide Panama Papers leaks, just four months after he took office.

The court is investigating whether Macri deliberately withheld relevant information about his role in two offshore firms -- a tax offense punishable by two years in jail.

He has said he has "nothing to hide."

"I am available to the judge to provide the information," Macri told a news conference on Tuesday.

"Let the courts act with independence and precision."

The judge on Monday asked authorities in Panama and the Bahamas to confirm whether the two offshore companies, Fleg Trading LTD and Kagemusha, had bank accounts in Macri's name.

Separately on Monday, judicial sources said the courts were investigating fresh allegations against Macri's leftist predecessor, Cristina Kirchner, and her son.

The case, brought by Kirchner's rivals, targets alleged irregularities in the running of a real estate company owned by her family.

Kirchner was already under investigation over suspect dollar transactions by her government. She alleged that case was politically motivated.

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