Argentina appoints Sturzenegger as minister of deregulation

Argentine economist Federico Sturzenegger leaves the Casa Rosada

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine President Javier Milei on Friday appointed Federico Sturzenegger as minister of deregulation and transformation of the state, a publication in the country's official gazette showed.

Sturzenegger, who served as central bank head under former President Mauricio Macri from 2015 to 2018, is set to assume the newly created role Friday afternoon amid market turbulence fueled by uncertainty over the country's economic performance.

The new ministry has been established with the aim of adapting "the organization of the national public administration in accordance with the process of reducing public expenditure," the decree stated.

Sturzenegger was one of the key architects of Milei's economic reform bill, especially in terms of deregulation.

(Reporting by Walter Bianchi and Natalia Siniawski; Editing by Gabriel Araujo)