Arachnophobe's nightmare: 'Floating' spiders fill sky in Brazil

Skin-crawling footage shows a sky filled with spiders in Minas Gerais, south eastern Brazil, as the eight-legged creatures weaved a giant ceiling-shaped web.

Video of the phenomenon pans across the sky, which appears to be covered in black dots. However, the dark objects are spiders moving about in the giant canopy-like web.

João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca filmed the video at his grandparents’ farm in Espírito Santo do Dourado, about 250km north-east of São Paulo, the Guardian reported.

He told local newspapers he was “stunned and scared,” the outlet reported.

Spiders are suspended in giant webs in Minas Gerais, south eastern Brazil. Source: Facebook/Cecilia Juninho Fonseca

While the spiders appear to be floating, they are actually sitting on a giant web.

The spiders are the rare “social” spider, parawixia bistriata, which is known to build community webs in a ceiling shape, Stuff NZ reported.

The phenomenon is not uncommon during periods of hot and humid weather, the outlet reported.