April Fools Day 2024: All the best pranks from This Morning to EastEnders

alison hammond and dermot o'leary, this morning
April Fools Day 2024: All the best pranksITV

The first of April has rolled around once again and it only means one thing, people spending all morning trying to catch each other out with a variety of April Fool's Day jokes.

Below is a round-up with some of the best jokes from the TV and showbiz world, from This Morning to EastEnders.

Did any of them catch you out?

This Morning

Dermot O'Leary couldn't resist from pranking his co-host Alison Hammond this morning by convincing her he'd smashed a £30,000 vase live on the programme.

During the segment, a woman appeared on the show to talk about a vase which she'd bought for £1.50 but later had valued at £30,000.

Alison was left speechless when Dermot "accidentally" knocked the vase over which then smashed to pieces all over the floor. "I don't even know what to say... I'm actually going to get upset," Alison said as she attempted to comfort the woman.

The pair didn't leave Alison suffering for too long, with Dermot swiftly revealing the broken vase was all part of an elaborate prank. "Ive only got one thing to say, which is April Fools!" he said to his relieved co-star.

Good Morning Britain

Similarly, Richard Madeley decided to fool his co-presenter Charlotte Hawkins into believing she'd broken a priceless piece of jewellery once worn my Marilyn Monroe live on TV.

After being asked to carefully model the necklace, Charlotte was distracted by Richard joking about the necklace breaking... only for the string to snap and send dozens of pearls falling to the studio floor.

"Richard! You made that happen," a horrified Charlotte exclaimed, before adding that the show would be taking a quick pause.

After an ad-break, Richard then revealed to everyone that the broken necklace was in fact a fake, adding: "That's a great April Fool, that’s brilliant."


Never one to shy away from the April Fool's pranks, the BBC soap attempted to fool viewers into believing that Honey Mitchell would be getting an unexpected visit from a long lost twin by the name of Jo King.

"The Square is set for the arrival of a new but very familiar face this summer. Honey's long-lost twin, Jo King, arrives in Walford as a complete surprise to all the Mitchells," they wrote on X.

However fans were quick to catch on to the joke, with one person replying: "Jo King? I saw through this right away."

"Tbf, this could actually be an Enders storyline," a second person added.

Ant and Dec

Comedy duo Ant and Dec also couldn't resist getting involved in the April Fool's Day fun, by announcing they were going on hiatus in order to open a restaurant of their own.

"I believe that food has the power to bring people together and create cherished memories, that's how my family feel when I make them beans on toast. I am excited to embark on this culinary journey with my sous chef, Dec," Ant said in the statement, while Dec added: "I know that Ant will be a brilliant pot washer."

The pair later followed the announcement up by clarifying that it was an April Fool's prank, adding: "Don't worry... we won't be subjecting you to our cooking anytime soon."

My Gran, Your Grandad

Following their hit series My Mum, Your Dad last year, ITV decided to lead followers into believing that Davina McCall would be back to host an elderly spin-off version titled My Gran, Your Grandad in the near future.

"You're never too old to find the one!" they wrote on X, adding: "Brand new My Gran, Your Grandad coming soon to ITV1 & ITVX."

Despite being a prank, viewers were keen to point out that they'd watch a show focusing on the elderly finding love, with Rylan Clark responding: "You know we’d all watch this right lol."

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