The Apprentice’s Claude Littner Tells Manchester Restaurant Owner To ‘Suck It Up’ Over Tier 3 Lockdown Restrictions

Matt Bagwell
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The Apprentice’s Claude Littner has come under fire after he told a Manchester-based restaurant owner to “suck it up” during a debate about the city’s Tier 3 lockdown restrictions on Good Morning Britain.

The millionaire businessman appeared on the ITV show on Wednesday alongside restaurateur Simon Wood to discuss the latest restrictions placed on Manchester.

Yesterday, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham blasted the Government for “playing poker with people’s lives”.

The mayor savaged ministers for failing to provide the minimum sum of £65million needed to avoid a “winter of real hardship” under Tier 3 restrictions, which he said would plunge the poorest into poverty and homelessness.

During the discussion on GMB, Lord Sugar’s aide told Simon that while he “understood” the impact the tighter restrictions would have on businesses, he should “just suck it up”.

“I understand that small businesses are beyond struggling and of course that has an impact for their employees,” Claude said.

“But I think we’re in a situation, an ever-changing dynamic situation, I think you’ve got to just suck it up.

“It’s horrible, it’s difficult, it’s impossible, but you’ve just got to do it and hopefully we’ll get through this very quickly and your businesses will still be intact.”

But Simon, who kickstarted his career on MasterChef, fired back: “Is that what I’m supposed to tell my team when I can’t pay them, suck it up?”

Simon Wood
Simon Wood

Claude replied: “I’m being realistic here. It’s a very difficult situation, you have to do the very best you can for yourself, for your staff, for your families.”


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