Apple's plans for virtual reality are getting clearer

Nathan Ingraham
·Deputy Managing Editor
·1-min read

Rumors have swirled for years about Apple鈥檚 VR and AR ambitions. The company does have AR Kit, its augmented reality software development platform, but Apple still hasn鈥檛 made hardware of its own. Last week, however, a handful of reports gave us clearer details on Apple鈥檚 AR and VR hardware plans than we鈥檝e ever heard before.

It started with a report from The Information that painted a picture of Apple鈥檚 ambitious potential headset. The device could cost around $3,000, feature two 8K displays and contain a dozen cameras for for tracking movement and showing real-world video to the person wearing it.

A few days later, Bloomberg reported that Apple鈥檚 Dan Riccio was now in charge of the company鈥檚 headset project. Previously, Riccio was in charge of Hardware Engineering more broadly, but Apple announced in late January that Riccio would be in charge of an unnamed new project. Between Riccio鈥檚 new role and all the details we鈥檙e hearing about the headset, it looks like Apple鈥檚 mixed reality hardware is closer than ever to a real thing.