Apple's AirPods Pro drop to $190 at Amazon

Jon Fingas
·Associate Editor
·1-min read

The deals for Apple鈥檚 AirPods Pro just got a little sweeter. Amazon is selling Apple鈥檚 higher-end true wireless earbuds for $190 after both an immediate price drop and a $10 savings at checkout. That鈥檚 a steep drop from the official $249, and makes them a relatively easy sell if you鈥檙e inclined toward Apple鈥檚 ecosystem. We鈥檝e seen the Pro on sale for $200 multiple times, but only occasionally lower.

Buy AirPods Pro on Amazon - $190

You may know the story by now: the AirPods Pro are some of the most capable wireless earbuds on the market. They may not have absolute sound quality on their side (although they do sound better than some), but they boast exceptional active noise cancellation, a comfortable fit and workout-friendly water resistance. Throw in recent additions like spatial audio and the AirPods Pro can be compelling, whether you鈥檙e using them for video calls or movie marathons on the couch.

The caveats haven鈥檛 changed, either. You might find better sound quality from offerings like Sony鈥檚 WF-1000XM3. The on-bud controls are fiddly, and you鈥檒l have to dive deeper into iOS to change settings. There鈥檚 also the not-so-small matter of platform support. You can use the AirPods Pro with Android and Windows devices, but you鈥檒l lose spatial audio, easy pairing and other perks that come with using the earbuds alongside Apple products. If that鈥檚 no obstacle, though, you鈥檒l likely be happy.

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