Slain Qld mum's home becomes crime scene

Shae McDonald
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Murdered Queensland mum's home becomes crime scene as search for clues continue

The Cooktown home of murdered mother-of-two Donna Steele in far north Queensland last week has become a forensic crime scene.

An investigation into the murder of far north Queensland mother-of-two Donna Steele has shifted to her Cooktown home.

The 42-year-old was last seen at the local IGA about midday on August 2.

Her body was found at the popular fishing spot of Leggett's Crossing on Sunday.

Detective Inspector Geoff Marsh said investigators had shifted their focus from where Ms Steele's body was found to her Poison Creek Rd home.

"Key for us is the time from the sighting at the IGA and the children arriving home from school at 4pm," he said on Tuesday.

Insp Marsh said police believed she came home after her time in town, but did not know if that's where she died.

Insp March reiterated the murderer was likely someone she knew.

"The way her house was presented and how her house was discovered would suggest there was no damage or forced entry or anything like that," he said.

Insp. Marsh said police were yet to identify a suspect, but there was "no reason to suggest" her partner was responsible.

"He works away from the community and that can be established quite easily by his employer and by the work that he does," he said.

Ms Steele's two boys, aged 10 and eight, fended for themselves on Wednesday night and made their own way to school the next day after she failed to come home.

"You can only imagine how they felt, 24 hours without a mother and not knowing what their future held for them," he said.

The homes of Ms Steele's associates will be turned into crime scenes on Wednesday.

Investigators are also appealing for people to review their dash cam and CCTV footage from August 2 to see if there is any sign of the 42-year-old or her car.

Insp Marsh said the Cooktown community was helping to solve the crime.

"I was approached yesterday evening by at least a dozen people to tell me their take on what had happened," he said.

Insp Marsh said while he didn't want residents taking matters into their own hands, they could help convince someone to come forward.

"We just need that right bit of information that'll help us solve it," he said.

"That piece of the puzzle that will tell us who had reason to be at 390 Poison Creek Rd with Donna on Wednesday afternoon and why that person has caused these injuries to her."