Apparently Kate plays this popular drinking game

kate middleton in a green dress clapping while at wimbledon
Kate Middleton plays this popular drinking gameTim Clayton - Corbis - Getty Images

Kate Middleton is known for her sporting talents, from her days excelling in field hockey at school to effortlessly playing tennis with Emma Raducanu and becoming patron of the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League. But it seems there's another 'sport' of sorts we can add to the list – this one being a popular drinking game.

When appearing on Mike Tindall's podcast The Good, The Bad & The Rugby (alongside Prince William and Princess Anne), she was quizzed about where her competitive streak comes from.

Addressing the Princess of Wales, Tindall asked, "Where did your – because I'm not going to say you're 'uber competitive' [he looks away sarcastically] – [but] I've seen her play beer pong – where does that come from?

"I know your dad's a massive cricket fan, isn't he?"

kate middleton holding a glass of beer at an event
PAUL EDWARDS - Getty Images

Laughing, but avoiding the reference of beer pong, Kate said that if she were to ask her parents who was the most competitive between them, they'd likely argue about it for some time.

"As a family we're just very active," she added. "I can always remember being physical, using our bodies, whether it's climbing in the lake district or Scotland, or swimming from a young age, they always encouraged us into being physically active, and they always encouraged us into doing team sports and trying things.

"I think that's the important thing for young people and kids today, being exposed to a variety of different sports." While we completely agree, we can't help but think young people might also have tried their hand at the likes of beer pong too.

kate middleton playing tennis
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When the royal was asked about how competitive she and William are with each other, she joked, "I'm really not that competitive, I don't know where this has come from..." before admitting: "I don't think we've actually managed to finish a game of tennis the two of us. It becomes a mental challenge between the two of us."

William agreed: "It's who can out-mental each other." Kate also said she was interested to see how that competitiveness develops in their children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five, all of which have "different temperaments".

We'd just really love to see who would win a round of beer pong between our future King and Queen.

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