Man uncovers bizarre kitchen feature in apartment listing: 'I'm furious about this'

While looking for a new apartment, talk show host Drew Kaufman stumbled upon something... unusual.

When you go apartment hunting, some of the things you typically look for are natural light, plenty of closet space and a spacious bedroom. What you don’t have on your ‘want’ list, usually, is a fridge painted to look like Stewie Griffin, the unexplainably British baby on Seth McFarlane’s “Family Guy.”

Well, while looking for a new apartment, that’s exactly what talk show host Drew Kaufman stumbled upon. On June 16, he shared photos of his unusual find to Twitter, where they have since received more than 103,000 likes.

According to his tweet, Kaufman was hunting for a new apartment when he came across the “refrigerator painted to look like Stewie from Family Guy.” (However, Kaufman said this somehow was not mentioned anywhere in the unit description.)

hunting for apartments and nowhere in the unit description do they address the refrigerator painted to look like Stewie from Family Guy?— Drew Kaufman (@Diet_Hellboy) June 16, 2020

Both “Family Guy” fans and lovers of strange apartment listings flocked to the comments to gawk over Kaufman’s discovery.

“Just wait until you see the Peter Griffin toilet,” one person joked.

“Put a deposit down. NOW,” another user commented.

“I’m furious about this,” a third person added.

In a follow-up tweet, Kaufman said that he is going to check out the apartment and that the Stewie fridge is “still there.” (THANK GOD.) With his newfound viral status, he also urged people to donate to the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund.

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