'Anyone else see the issue?': Kmart sweatshirt divides mums

A child’s new jumper is sparking debate online after his mother posted a picture of it in the Kmart Mums Facebook group.

“Anyone else see the issue here? My Mum bought it for my 3yo last week lol,” the woman wrote.

The sweater depicts a dinosaur constellation, but many people were left asking: “Shouldn’t west and east be switched?”

“Maybe it’s so it’s the right way when you look in a mirror?  Seriously though, that’s so funny!” one person commented. 

Do you think there is something wrong with this item of clothing? Source: Facebook

Numerous people were taken back to their school days – quoting “never eat soggy Weetbix” – and they agreed something was not quite right with the item of clothing. 

“Haha my son’s worn this several times and I didn’t notice,” one said. 

But multiple social media users say there is nothing wrong with the jumper.

One Facebook user explained: “It’s a sky map. That’s how they go. So the image is correct.”

They added: “So it goes north, west, south and east, if reading it clockwise.”

But those who haven’t heard of a sky map are not alone.

According to a physics website, the maps are designed so when they are held over someone’s head and aligned with the north, the map and the stars match. 

Sky maps are meant to be used looking up at the sky whereas earth maps are designed to be looking down on the planet. Source: http://www.physics.csbsju.edu/
According to a physics website, in a sky map east and west in the sky are reversed compared to how they are usually presented on Earth maps. Source: http://www.physics.csbsju.edu/

“Earth maps are thought of as looking down on the globe, and of course, sky maps are designed to be used looking up at the sky,” the website says. 

“This reversal in direction-of-view results in the reversal of east and west. Notice that if you are looking at the sky facing south, east will be on your left exactly as it is displayed on the sky map.”