Anya Taylor-Joy leaves fans hysterical after selfie fail

It seems that Anya Taylor-Joy is among the many people who have had their fair share of struggles trying to use an Android phone.

A hilarious viral video has captured the moment the Queen’s Gambit star attempted to take a selfie with a fan’s Android phone. The 27-year-old actor recently attended the CCXP convention in Brazil where she stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with the hoard of fans cheering for her.

It was then that one fan asked Taylor-Joy to take a selfie with their front-facing camera on their Android phone. However, the Last Night in Soho star made it clear she was an iPhone user when she attempted to snap a selfie by clicking the phone’s side button.

Unsurprisingly, the screen went dark before flashing to the fan’s locked home screen wallpaper. Taylor-Joy gave them back their phone, but the fan was persistent in taking a selfie with the beloved actor. When she tried to take a selfie for the second time, she checked the side buttons on the Android to make sure she was pressing the correct one.

Still, she made the same mistake. As the screen went dark, The Menu star appeared to yell “f***” in frustration. Taylor-Joy ultimately gave the Android back to the fan before greeting other fans at the convention.

The amusing clip was initially posted to X - formerly known as Twitter - by user @ramon_png, who claimed to be the unfortunate Android user in the video. “Imagine, you are lucky enough to have Anya Taylor-Joy take your cell phone to take a photo. And her bad luck MISSED THE BUTTON TO TAKE THE PHOTO TWICE, SWITCHING OFF HER CELL PHONE!!!” he captioned the video, per English translation. “Well friends, it happened to me, I don’t have a photo with Anya Taylor-Joy because of her slowness lol.”

The relatable video was later reposted to popular celebrity gossip account PopCrave, where it was viewed more than 12m times. It didn’t take long for people to recommend that the fan purchases an Apple iPhone after the unfortunate interaction.

“That man is crying his way to the Apple Store,” one user shared on X, in response to the viral clip.

“This was heartbreaking to watch,” another person joked.

“Legend says that fan went straight to the Apple Store the next day,” someone else said.

Others pointed out that the video made for a perfect Apple campaign, as one user noted: “She needs to be sponsored by iPhone.”

“If I was Apple, I’d be petty and use this clip in my next ad,” another person said.

Meanwhile, several users explained that an iPhone’s volume buttons control the camera shutter, while on some Android phones, users must double click the power button to take a selfie.

Taylor-Joy recently tied the knot with boyfriend Malcolm McRae in Venice, Italy. The Split star exchanged vows with the 29-year-old musician during a ceremony at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta in October. For the occasion, she was pictured wearing a dusted beige gown with floral adornments and stitched birds on the bodice. A number of star-studded guests in attendance included Miles Teller, Cara Delevingne, Evan Ross, and Julia Garner.