Anti-vaxxer's furious rant inside Sydney cafe backfires: 'Disgraceful'

Business at a Sydney cafe is booming after an abusive “segregation” rant from a crusading anti-vaxxer went viral online.

The anonymous man filmed himself outside Cafe Dzajko in the inner-west suburb of Tempe on Monday, focusing the camera on a sign that stated staff would be checking vaccination certificates.

Under new Covid-19 rules in NSW – which came into effect that day – customers who are fully-vaccinated are allowed to dine in, while those who are unvaccinated must get takeaway.

A screenshot of a video an anti-vaxxer filmed of himself attacking a Sydney Cafe for following the Covid rules. Source: Twitter/Thorsome1776
An anti-vaxxer has filmed himself unleashing on a Sydney cafe over new rules which only allow fully-vaccinated customers to dine in. Source: Twitter/Thorsome1776

“Guys, if you think this is a joke, I'm here in Tempe, NSW and they're saying you need to show your proof of vaccination to enter. Just to buy a cup of coffee. You've gotta be kidding me,” the video begins with him saying.

As the man walks toward the entrance, he takes aim at the unsuspecting barista behind the counter, furiously bombarding her with abuse as she tries to serve another customer.

“What makes you think I’m going to hand over my private medical information of whether I’m vaccinated or unvaccinated to buy a cup of coffee?” he is heard yelling.

“Do you see how insanely hypocritical that sounds?

“That you’re actually going to be walking explicitly into segregation?

“Do you realise how dangerous that territory is as a business owner madam?” he presses.

She first attempts to ignore the man as he continues to unleash, before repeatedly telling him the owner is next door.

Not listening, he responds: “Oh no, no, they’re asking for vaccination passports as well.

“I’m just wondering if you work for the government, because the government would employ this. It’s not actually your privilege or your power to ask for my information.”

He leaves her with a parting threat, claiming: “You can dismiss it all you like, but I'm very powerful and I will come back.”

Anti-vaxxers viral video backfires

The man's tirade was posted to Twitter to an account under the name of 'Teresa', clocking up more than 86,000 views.

A comment from the same account said “make them famous” with a link to the cafe's Facebook page.

But it appears the joke is on them after their attack spectacularly backfired with an outpouring of support for the business.

The cafe was inundated with tips and bulk orders under the name “Teresa” for other customers to collect for free as positive reviews on Facebook and Google took off.

The cafe's Facebook page was flooded with messages from people praising the businesses for "keeping the community safe".

"Great to see you stand up for OHS for staff and customers," one person wrote.

One man described the cafe owners and their staff as "legends" and told them to "keep up the good work".

"It's a better place we live in for your actions," another wrote.

Another person slammed the man's stunt as "disgraceful".

Kristina, whose father owns the shop, told 7NEWS the response has been "overwhelming".

“I’ve had people call me from Canberra, Queensland, Melbourne, all morning, just wanting to buy coffees for us to give away,”

“When we first saw the video we were like, ‘What the hell? Everyone is going to hate us’.

“But then we see it’s really the loud minority of people who are like this.”

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