Anti-Ukraine aid Congresswoman Spartz wins Indiana primaries

Victoria Spartz
Victoria Spartz

U.S. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who was born in Chernihiv Oblast and is critical of American aid to Ukraine, has secured the Republican nomination in Indiana, the Associated Press reported on May 8.

Spartz defeated eight Republican challengers, clinching her spot on the ballot this fall in a strongly Republican district.

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Previously supportive of aid to Ukraine, the first and only Ukrainian-born House member shifted her position and voted against a $61 billion aid package for the country ahead of her primary contest. She defended her change of heart by emphasizing her loyalty to America first.

The election, held in Indianapolis's northern suburbs, partly served as a referendum on whether Spartz's new approach would resonate. Her position found sympathy among her rivals, like state representative Chuck Goodrich, who accused Spartz of putting "Ukraine first."

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