Twitch troll loses $50,000 after PayPal refuse to refund donations

Krystal Johnson

An Australian teen used his parents’ credit card and falsely donated $50,000 to Twitch users as part of a trolling scheme - but now Paypal are making him pay up.

PayPal have refused to refund Anthony Archer a total of $50,000 in donations he sent to several well-known Twitch users, giving them all false hope, TechTimes reports.

LegendaryLea can be seen jumping around for joy after learning she was donated a large sum of cash on Twitch. Photo: YouTube/LiveStreamFails

Archer gave false hope to Twitch streamer ‘LegendaryLea’ who began dancing across her room, ecstatic after seeing user iNexus_Ninja made a $250 donation followed by several more donations totalling $11,500.

The 18-year-old troll then reportedly sent other streamers NoSleepTV, Sodapoppin and Dizzykitten donations bringing the figure up to $50,000.

Archer was planning to invoke the Buyer Protection clause through PayPal one month after donating, which would cancel the transactions and the streamers would be left with nothing but debt.

This is a screenshot of the moment troll Anthony Archer PayPal sent $50,000 to Legendary Lea. Photo: YouTube/LiveStreamFails

But PayPal turned the joke on the teen by cancelling his transactions claiming that a change of mind isn't covered by the clause, leaving him with the debt.

It is also believed Archer used his parents' credit card to make the donations.

Twitch caters to the entire video game industry and popular users make a living out of entertaining other gamers. Photo: Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Twitch is a video platform and community for gamers and streamers and has over 1.7 million online users.

The streaming website caters to the entire video game industry and popular users make a living out of providing entertainment for the rest of the community.

According to The Inquirer, PayPal has recently announced they will no longer protect crowd sourcing payments.

News break – June 10