Anonymous Launches 'Operation Domestic Terrorism' Against White Supremacist Websites

In the wake of The Daily Stormer going offline, the internet collective Anonymous announced the launch of “Operation Domestic Terrorism” on August 15. The operation pledges to “take down White Supremacist websites and those who share the ideology.”

According to a communique released alongside the video, "Anonymous has made it clear that it will not stand by as this bigotry continues to perpetuate. That is why we chose to engage Operation Domestic Terrorism, where we continue to take down both White Supremacist websites and out those who share the ideology. Last night, in our crusade against them, they attempted to discredit us, and that came in the form of one Andrew Anglin, owner of the Daily Stormer. We’ve covered in detail (through @YourAnonNews and @TheAnonJournal on Twitter) the events that led to the conclusion that Anonymous was not in any way involved with the “hacking” of The Daily Stormer website. It is true that Anon Operatives were running attacks against it, but we were in no way involved with its defacement. This was a cowardly attempt by Anglin to discredit us and position himself as some sort of martyr for the supremacist cause."

“He failed miserably. With Go Daddy and Google terminating any partnership with him, his website is now in jeopardy and likely to be permanently shut down. And in using our name, he has made us angry.”

The statement goes a bit further, suggesting that it will hunt down those involved in the Charlottesville, Virginia, Unite the Right rally. They say that Anglin is currently residing in Lagos, Nigeria, where they say they “will find him.” In addition to Anglin, KKK figurehead David Duke, as well as alt-right leaders Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler were mentioned in the communique, which claims, “The blood of Heather (Heyer) is on your hands. And you will pay for it in blood. Anonymous will continue to out these Supremacist Klansmen and make sure the proper authorities are aware of who and where they are. We will ensure their employers take swift action against them. There are good Americans in need of jobs and it would be a shame for Nazis to be occupying them.”

Meanwhile, in a similar vein, a group of hackers yet to be confirmed to be affiliated with Anonymous, posted a communique shortly thereafter called Operation Desert Storm Field Manual. The author talks in the same vein as the Operation Domestic Terrorism communique and offers a series of tactics with regards to targeting ‘hate groups’ online.

“Okay y’all, this is long overdue. I’ve been sitting on this info for a while, and it looks like there’s finally a demand for it. For most of these domains, there are three layers we have available to attack. The first, like GoDaddy, is the host itself. The second is the registrar proxy which allows them to register their sites anonymously. The third is the nameserver which connects their domain name to their IP address.”

The communique then lists at least 20 popular websites affiliated with the Alt-Right movement in both the United States and Canada, alongside proxy and server information where available. Credit: YouTube/Anonymous via Storyful