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Swimmers bare all for Sydney nudie dip after hiatus

More than one thousand Aussies have bared all in the world's largest annual nude swim, which has returned after a three-year hiatus.

The hundreds of swimmers plunged starkers into the water off Cobbler's Beach for the Sydney Skinny in the city's north on Sunday.

The event fell short of breaking the record for the all-time largest skinny dipping event, set in 2018 when 2505 naked women participated in the Irish Strip and Dip.

However, that didn't put a dampener on it for Sunday's participants, who were revelling in the energetic atmosphere and "gorgeous" water temperatures.

It was fantastic for the event to be back for the first time since 2019, Sydney Skinny owner and organiser Tania Taylor said.

About 1300 people were estimated to have taken part in Sunday's event.

"We tried (to break the record), but it's been three years away and people are slowly coming back to events," Ms Taylor said.

"Everybody's had such a wonderful time and I'm sure that once they see what we've done today, they'll want to be in next year's one, so next year will be bigger and better."

The event was designed to get people out of their comfort zones and encourage them to embrace their bodies, Ms Taylor said.

This year's swim was part of a collaboration with charity Skin Check Champions to help raise awareness of the importance of skin cancer checks.

Among the bare bathers was Casey Burgess, former member of children's musical group Hi-5. She swam on behalf of her family members who have battled skin cancer and melanoma.

"Skin cancer has rocked my world countless times ... that's why I'm taking a dive," she said.

Ms Burgess lauded the sense of community and togetherness at the event, saying she was still on a high from her swim on Sunday morning.

"When you're actually swimming with joy and you're with a bunch of people, it feels different to swimming laps in a pool," she said.

"I didn't think I'd be able to do it and then, there I was.

"We were all laughing, everyone was through the whole swim saying, 'how amazing is this?'"

Nude beachgoers at the Sydney Skinny could opt for either a 300-metre harbour swim or a 900-metre plunge.

Every year, about 2000 swimmers brave Hobart's chilly River Derwent during the Dark Mofo nude solstice swim.

In November, Sydneysiders also stripped en masse and swam at Bondi Beach as part of a large-scale artwork for renowned photographer Spencer Tunick.