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Anker's magnetic charging gear is up to 50 percent off right now

Get Anker's MagGo magnetic charging station for just $70.


It has hit that time of year when all the rinky-dink chargers I bought have given up, and it's time to invest in some quality options. I'm personally a big fan of Anker, so it's exciting that Amazon is currently discounting some of Anker's best charging gear. Included in the sale is 30 percent off Anker's MagGo magnetic charging station, dropping its price to $70 from $100. This discount brings the Qi2-certified device to a new all-time low.

It's currently 30 percent off. 

$100 at Amazon

Anker's MagGo magnetic charging station is a great choice if you're looking for an all-in-one option for a range of devices. The 8-in-1 charger comes with two USB ports, two USB-C ports, three AC outlets and one magnetic pad. It offers 15W of power for wireless charging and gets faster when wired to devices — increasing to 67W for charging your MacBook through the USB-C port, for instance. Anker claims that speed can bring your laptop to 50 percent in just 26 minutes.

If you're just looking for a wireless charging pad, then you can opt for Anker's MagGo magnetic wireless charging pad instead. It's touting a 10 percent discount right now, which only saves you about $2 — it's available for $20 rather than $22 — but it's still something. The best deal of the bunch is half off Anker's 622 MagSafe power bank (5,000mAh), dropping its price to $35 from $70. It's a great option if you have a newer iPhone and want to have easy, cordless charging wherever you go.

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