'Confused' viewers spot mistake in portrait on popular ABC show

ABC viewers were confused by what was thought to be a mistake during Anh’s Brush with Fame.

Anh’s Brush with Fame is hosted by comedian Anh Do and each week he paints a portrait of a well-known Australian while interviewing them.

In this week’s episode, he painted celebrity chef Kylie Kwong.

However, viewers pointed out the host seemingly made a mistake in Ms Kwong’s portrait.

“Kylie Kwong on Anh’s Brush with Fame last night was great but so confused by what happened to her glasses,” one woman tweeted.

Anh Do reveals his portrait to Kylie Kwong on Anh's Brush with Fame. Source: ABC

Anh painted Ms Kwong with square, blue glasses.

In the episode she’s seen wearing round, red ones as she sits for her portrait.

“Wondering why Anh didn't tonight paint the same glasses Kylie Kwong was wearing?” one man tweeted.

Anh Do also paints from guest’s photos

An ABC spokesman told Yahoo News Australia Anh refers to pictures of his guests while painting his subjects.

“So that his guests don’t have to remain still during the process, as well as painting from life Anh has a number of photos of his guests with him that he refers to,” the spokesman said.

“He tells each guest this before filming so they can relax and be animated during the interview.”

Viewers were confused as to why Ms Kwong is wearing blue, square glasses in Anh Do's portrait when on the show she was wearing round, red ones.

Anh told News Corp last year he had an unnamed guest in the first season “who was just dead still”.

“I thought 'Man this guy is so stiff' and then I realised he thought he had to be still,” he told News Corp.

“I actually have a whole range of photos and sketches on the table behind me that I refer to throughout the process."

Ms Kwong didn’t seem bothered by the portrait though.

“That’s incredible,” she said.

“I love it.”

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