Angry man blasts neighbour with water gun filled with own urine

A 71-year-old man who used a water gun to soak his neighbour with his own urine will spend one month in jail for the incident which he told police he would ‘do again’ if he had the chance.

According to an affidavit released by Florida’s Pinellas county police, Joel Benjamin approached his female neighbour while she was walking her dog in April, and pulled out a water gun and “squirted the victim with his own urine several times”.

Local media, Canoe, reported that Mr Benjamin squirted his 50-year-old neighbour directly in the face with the water gun.

According to police, Mr Benjamin unapologetically admitted that he would “do it again.”

Joel Benjamin (left) squirted his neighbour in the face with a water pistol filled with his own urine.
Joel Benjamin (left) squirted his neighbour in the face with a urine filled water gun and admitted to police that he would "do it again." Source: Pinellas County jail/Getty stock

In an interview with The Smoking Gun after his arrest, Mr Benjamin said “I lost my f**king temper and shot her in the face with my squirt gun filled with piss.”

Due to bodily fluids being used, Mr Benjamin was charged with battery and was sentenced to 30 days in a Florida county jail, with a one year probational period starting the day after he is released.

The Smoking Gun also reported that the man was fined $A1500 and claimed he targeted the woman because she had been spying on him as part of a government surveillance campaign.

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